Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Bespoke course: 3000

We have just received an email from a large training provider. They indicate
Bespoke training for you and your team starting at GBP/USD/EUR 10,000*! *pricing dependent on topic and group size.
On our side, we can say
Bespoke training for you and your team starting at GBP 3,000/day*! *pricing not dependent on topic and group size.

The course are always provided by our in-house experts and, from our training page:

Agenda tailored to your needs. Detailed lecture notes.
Associated to open source code for practical implementation.
Training in English or French

We are an (fiercely) independent management owned advisory firm and the trainings reflect that independence. We don't have hidden agenda and are free of conflict of interest.

In the current situation, we are also happy to offer virtual/on-line courses/workshop. The configuration is even more flexible that in-person courses as participants in different locations can attend simultaneously and courses can be split in half days to avoid participants lassitude.

We have provided public and in-house workshops/courses/seminars in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania (special discount for any client base in Antarctica!).

Some of our courses are described in our training pages. Over the past year, the most popular ones have been

In all cases, the course are updated with the latest market information and are fully flexible.

You can check some of our introduction videos on our Youtube channel.

Note added 2020-11-30: With inflation, increased demand and increased administrative requirements, we have slightly increased our prices recently.