Sunday 5 July 2020

Marc quoted in the press: Practice Insight - IFLR

LIBOR transition is certainly of great interest to the quant side of the financial industry, as illustrated by numerous seminars over the last years (see here for a list to which we contributed) but also numerous columns, interviews, and quotes from Marc in Risk (eg Signing the LIBOR fallback protocol: a cautionary tale, Pandemic and LIBOR, LIBOR transition mismatch fear, muRisQ quoted in ISDA consultation summary).

The transition has also an impact on the legal side of the financial profession. A recent slightly provocative blog by Marc (Where is ESTR?) has been the starting point of an article in Practice Insight - IFLR titled "Euro risk-free rate: where is €STR?". Practice Insight is a "news service for lawyers, tracking how financial institutions are implementing Europe's capital market rules" (subscription required).