Thursday 17 January 2019

Marc's presentation at CASS Financial Engineering workshop

Marc Henrard will present a seminar at the CASS Financial Engineering workshops. The presentation will take place on Wednesday 6 February 2019 at 6:10 pm.

Marc's talk, will be titled  
A quant perspective on LIBOR fallback.

Talk's abstract:
With the increased expectation of some IBORs discontinuation and the increasing regulatory requirements related to benchmarks, a more robust fallback provision for benchmark-linked derivatives is becoming paramount for the interest rate market. Several options for such a fallback have been proposed and ISDA held a consultation on some of them. The results of the ISDA consultation has been to select the ``compounding setting in arrears" option. We analyse the proposed option in details and present an alternative option supported by different working groups. The presentation focuses is on the quantitative finance impacts for derivatives. To our opinion, the option selected by the consultation fails the basic achievability criterion in many cases. Even when achievable, the option can lead to significant value transfer and risk management complexities. We also explain to which extend the fallback may transform some vanilla instruments into exotics.